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I am Jobish Pachat. Currently I am working at Tata Consultancy Services. Information and Knowledge Management is my area of interest. I have put my thoughts and feelings in my blog.

Me, Family and my Education

I was born in Kerala, a small state labelled 'God's own Country' as its tourist mark, in the southern part of India on 26th January 1979. Calicut, my native is the first place explored in India by a foreigner (Vasco Da Gama in 1498). My parents are retired Government Employees and they lead a peaceful life in the second phase of ‘Two Lives’. Their names read as Lakshmanan and Kausallia, two wonderful characters of the epic Ramayana. You can see them at the section labelled Photo Page. I have a sister and brother, younger to me.

I completed my Post Graduate programme in "Information and Knowledge Management" from Indian Institute of Science in 2005. My graduation was in Mathematics from University of Calicut, Kerala, followed by BLISc and MLISc in the year 2002. Also I have been qualified for Lectureship in Indian Universities with an offer of JRF in the year 2004. Along with the professional studies I completed a Post Graduate Degree in Computer Applications, which helped me to be a Techno-savvy in my professional career.

I believe Education separates man from anything around him. He matures and nourishes through teaching and learning. The will to know is a natural extension of our ability to think.I have been certified in IPR Management and Protection from Indian Institute of Science in 2004. I explored more on IPR and has been certified from World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in 2005. Project Management and Communication was the other area I explored. I have done a certificate programme in PMC at IISc during the year 2004.

Work and Experience

I love teaching and worked as part-time teacher during my study time. I consider teaching as one of the most beautiful jobs in the world. It carries the sacred gist that transfers and transforms from generation to generation.

Soon after MLISc, I joined at National Institute of Technology at Calicut. I have had a good time of understanding on various aspects of Librarianship during my stay at NIT (former REC) during Aug 2002-Apr 2003. I explored my life at JRD Tata Memorial Library, at Bangalore for the next three months, Apr 2003-Aug 2003. It is the largest Science and Technology library in the country. The working experience and interactions with eminent researchers and faculties around the world was really thrilling.

I was new to Bangalore, but got used to her ways and behavior very fast. Bangalore carries a mix of culture and taste from diverse sectors of the society; She welcomes people all around the world and cheer up them with her salubrious climate. She re-shaped and transformed from time to time, and the calm smile and polite etiquettes made her attractive to the crowd. But she has a lot of make-up on her lips and cheeks.

I was fortunate enough to join NCSI at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. I completed an intensive post master's training programme in 'Information and Knowledge Management' at NCSI during Aug 2003-Jan 2005. NCSI was a new experience to me. The E-Theses repository of Indian Institute of Science, a premier research institute of it's type, is an out come of my project work during the IKM course.

Often we feel life so queer and unpredictable so that a moment will overwhelm it. NCSI had enough for me to have some philosophical thoughts too. The sad demise of my guide and mentor Dr T B Rajashekar, shattered my notions and beliefs of mainstream life. You can see him at Photo Page section.

From Feb - August 2006, I had been to NCSI as Project Staff. I was involved in the project . "Scientific Journal Publishing in India: Indexing and online management", initiated by Late Dr. T B Rajashekar and Prof. John Willinsky.

Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab (HTSL) at Bangalore was my first corporate expedition. I worked there form Aug - December 2005 as "Knowledge Executive". HTSL is an ideal corporate world which holds all the key attributes of highly sophisticated but cute and free corporate culture. The specialty I feel at HTSL was the strong personal bonds and commitments. One can do work and enjoy his time.

The largest and strongest network of Information Professionals blended with my own nostalgia, at last played its ton. And I opted to join TCS Kochi as, Information Officer.


I love a lot to read. I was romantic with Malayalam, one of the fastest speaking languages in the world, during my study and stay at Kerala. And I was a winner in Versification and Story writing competitions at various levels.
Thankfully, Bangalore expanded my canvas wider and vast.

Kahlil Gibran, Markez and Dostoevsky are my likes. And I love to read Paulo Coelho and Dan Brown.

Apart from reading I like to write down my feelings and thoughts. And I love to sit alone and 'listen to rain'.

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